Annoying Ways People Use Sources

Hindi Elmi


ENGL 1117-36 & 37


In the article Annoying Ways People Use Sources, the author tells the reader the proper and improper ways of using citations. One comparison the author used was improper citation and bad driving. This comparison helped me better understand the reason it made an impact on a paper. It makes sense because bad drivers don’t know the rules of the road like how mistakes in citations are made because the writer doesn’t know the right way to make citations.

One example of using citations is using hyperlinks for a blog. it would be okay to use a hyperlink in a blog but not so much an academic paper. However, he also specifies that there isn’t a right or wrong way to write, but there are conventions expected in a piece of writing.  “Notice that I’m not saying that there’s a particular right or wrong way to use conventions in my writing—if the modern U.S. academic system had evolved from a primarily African or Asian or Latin American cultural consciousness instead of a European one, conventions for writing would probably be very different. That’s why they’re conventions and not rules.”(Stedman 244). I found this very interesting because if the writing style today wasn’t from European influence it would probably change a lot and have a much different meaning and understanding.

Works Cited:

Stedman, Kyle D. “Annoying Ways People Use Sources.” Annoying Ways People Use Sources, 2011,–annoying-ways.pdf.

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