Filtering What You See

Hindi Elmi


ENGL 0960

16 October 2019

Filters are an important part of the online world. Though they haven’t been around very long, they have become very popular recently. With the introduction of Instagram, filters had been popularized because of their availability in the app. But filters used on Instagram aren’t the same as other types of filters. The word filter is a very broad term used to describe something being changed or removed, “The word filter has been used in many domains, but usually to describe a process where something is removed. A filter can be a piece of felt or a

piece of paper which filters out dust, dirt or other impurities when water is poured through it or air blows through it.” (Rettberg, 21). These re types of filters that follow the literal meaning of the word.

Technological filters follow a different meaning. Technological filters are used to change something or make it look a certain way. This has become more important because it allows people to be different or express themselves better. Social media has definitely shaped how people express themselves with the introduction of filters. Especially with the different ways different filters make things appear like removing impurities or changing the colors of a photo or maybe even filtering out certain words based on a users preferences.

 Many people use filters because they find themselves wanting to hide things from the world, or filter certain things out. They choose to put a mask over things so that their lives seem ideal, which is often deceiving to those who don’t know them well. Most people aren’t as happy as they seem, but they don’t want people to know this. Oftentimes, people use filters to hide their insecurities and show the world that they are perfect.

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