Week 4: The Community Questionnaire

Following the winter event, I had been given an assignment called the “Community Questionnaire.” I was really excited for this assignment because I had gotten to engage with the residents again and receive their input. I had started this assignment in February 2019. In the first week, I was to identify those who were willing to volunteer their time and be the voices of the community. Their main job was to express the community’s concerns about the safety, housing, the living conditions of the apartment complexes. In the second week of the assignment, I had continued to discuss the concerns about Meadow Park with said volunteers. We called the residents and letting them know about the leadership committees we offer and how they can help. The next week, we focused on getting surveys regarding the winter event and the residents’ thoughts about it.  Afterwards, we had focused on adding more residents to the leadership committee and tried to inform them more about it.  In the fifth week of this assignment, we kept on going with engaging with the committee. A lot of residents had come to the office and asked for help in terms of assisting with resources for the community and filling out paperwork. A lot of them had concerns about safety surrounding the community because a 28 year old Somali man had been murdered within the community. I believe this tragedy had inspired the residents to seek help from the organization and the leadership committee because we had started to see a big difference following it. The homicide may have been a wake-up call for some of the residents because they started to seek ways to make the community safer and make sure their families weren’t in any danger. The month of February and a few weeks of march had been when I had started engaging with and documenting the concerns of the community members.


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